Marriage Doesn’t Satisfy

“We [should not] make the mistake of thinking that marriage will provide the ultimate satisfaction for which we all hunger. To assume so would be to be guilty of blasphemy. Only God satisfies the hungry heart. Marriage is but one of the channels He uses to enable us to taste how deeply satisfying His thirst-quenching grace can be.” ~Sinclair B. Ferguson


Marriage doesn’t satisfy.
There, I said it. It doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, marriage has been one of the most joyful and sanctifying experiences if my life, but it doesn’t satisfy the deep longings of my soul.
It wasn’t designed to do that.

Joel and I have been married nearly a year now, and I have just learned this truth. Of course I had to learn it the hard way. If I’d learned it the easy way, so much heartache and confusion could have been avoided in the Grass household.

Last week, as Joel and I were arguing about who-knows-what for what seemed like the 100th time in the past few days, I tearfully exclaimed “I’m tired of this! Marriage is not supposed to be like this!”
I was right. Sort of.
My exclamation was stating my dissatisfaction in the fact that we had been fighting, but I later learned that my marriage should be different for a totally different reason.
You see, I had been approaching my marriage much like Martha approaches Jesus’ visit to her home. She is so busy bustling around, making preparations, trying to make everyone happy that she forgets to sit at the feet of Jesus, as her sister Mary is doing. She forsakes what is better for what is good.

I have been forsaking what is better for what is good.
I have been so busy trying to become a wife that is super domestic and godly and pleases her husband and makes him proud, that I have forgotten the source of my identity. My worth is not wrapped up in the meals I plan or how clean my house is, or even how happy Joel is with me in a particular moment. These things are not necessarily bad, but they do not determine my worth. My worth has been defined by the blood of Jesus. His sacrifice caused me to stand righteous in the sight of God before I was married, and it still applies just the same now that I am a wife.

Striving to be a godly wife and one that pleases her husband is a good thing. It is even something highly valued by God. I hope to forever be becoming more of the wife God would have me be. If I am placing my whole worth and my whole identity in that role, however, I will miss the sweetness of the gospel that is offered to me daily.
Do you know what the best part of this is?
I don’t have to analyze everything my husband says to find approval or affirmation. I don’t have to become so anxious over the cleanliness of my home when people come over that I forget to enjoy their company. I don’t have to endure emotional heartbreak if Joel isn’t crazy about what I made for dinner (silly, but it’s totally true).

As I focus on the truth of the gospel that has saved me and is saving me, I find myself choosing what is better. As I choose what is better, I find sanctification happening naturally. I find my husband living under less pressure to please me and affirm me. I find more time to enjoy being married and more clarity to see the wonderful qualities in the husband the Father has graciously given me. I find the joy from the truth of the gospel in my soul.

I am satisfied. Not because Joel and I are getting along really well, or because I feel I have achieved some level of biblical womanhood.
I am satisfied because Jesus satisfies.
There is freedom to be found here.

The Donut Adventures: Strange Donuts

Hey friends.

Who’s ready for a new DONUT ADVENTURE?! I wrote that in all caps to convey the excitement I am sure you are feeling at this moment.

This adventure (and I’m sorry it’s been a while. I hope you’re not mad.) brings us to one of the most talked-about new businesses in St. Louis right now. That’s right, it’s the highly anticipated, unique, and exciting Strange Donuts!

I’ve been pumped about Strange for months now. When I first heard about them , I liked Strange on Facebook, keeping an eye out for their opening date. After several delays, Strange Donuts opened on October 11, with an already impressive following due to their marketing  and events. People are loving this addition to Maplewood.

So, what’s with the name, right? The guys of Strange Donuts have made their business famous for unusual donut flavors. Sure, they have the classics like glazed and custard, but their menu also has a rotating selection of “Creations.” Some examples include the Gooey Butter, Campfire, Biscuits and Gravy, and Toucan Party donuts. Their motto, “Stay Strange” is certainly found to be true on the menu.

So here we are, on a cloudy Saturday morning. It’s a little over a month after Strange’s opening and finally Joel and I get to see what all the hype is about. Because there is a lot of hype. They’re on Eater’s list of the 18 Hottest Donut Shops in America right now! That seems like a pretty big deal to me.


Upon pulling up in front of the shop, I was pleased to see that there was a line inside, but not too long. We walked in to find a friendly environment and many happy people purchasing tasty treats. Really, everyone in there looked happy. They were even giving stickers to kids at the register. Kids love stickers. I think it’s a great morale-boosting tactic.

Anyway, Joel and I decided that we would try two “Classics” and two “Creations.” We waited in line, made our selections, paid the friendly man with the stickers, and decided to go enjoy our donuts in Forest Park.




Even though Forest Park was only a few minutes away, I had to use some self control for real to keep from eating these in the car on the way. Luckily I restrained, and we made it to the park. We selected a lovely bench coincidentally along a running path and got down to business.




First up, the Gooey Butter donut.
This was a cake donut with gooey butter icing and powdered sugar on top. An excellent tribute to a St. Louis dessert. The donut itself was delicious. Good flavor and nice and soft on the inside. And the icing. Oh, the icing. I love gooey butter cake. I love donuts. Putting the two together? Wonderful. Not too sweet with just enough gooey butteryness to be delightful.





Next, the classic glazed donut. Not too much to say here. It was good and the glaze was tasty and proportional. As far as the donut itself goes, not the best I’ve ever had. A decent donut, but nothing to rave about.




Third, we have this baby. It’s actual name is the Peanut Butter Fat Baby. Peanut Butter frosting topped with crushed Oreos topped with chocolate drizzle. Let me just let you think about that for a minute.

Now that you’re salivating on your internet-using device, let me tell you…this thing was the bomb. When Joel picked it out I was skeptical. Sounded too sweet to me. I was wrong. The peanut butter frosting wasn’t over-powering, and the Oreos gave a delicious crunch while the chocolate gave some firm sweetness. This donut was so good, y’all. SO. Dang. Good.



Lastly we have the General Custard donut, which, as you probably guessed, it custard-filled. It was a well balanced donut with good chocolate icing and good proportions of nice custard inside.

By this one, Joel and I had received many comments on our donuts by the droves of runners that exercise in Forest Park on Saturday mornings. We were feeling a little self-conscious after eating all those donuts right next to a running path, so Joel decided it would be best to eat this one while exercising. I stayed on the bench, but I totally applaud his efforts.


Overall, I liked Strange Donuts. Their classics are fine, but the creations are what makes Strange so..well…strange. These guys aren’t afraid to try some crazy stuff with pastries and I think it’s working out well for them. It’s definitely the most expensive shop we’ve visited, but the whole place is more about that unique experience. I think Strange is going to have success in St. Louis for quite some time.

100_3022                100_3028


Stay Strange, St. Louis.

Happy donut-ing!

The Fight.

Fight for joy.

That’s what I’ve been repeating in my head for years.
It almost seems like a silly phrase, right? Like those things shouldn’t go together?
But they must.

Life and circumstance and people and our own minds often let us forget that don’t they? We become so quickly enraptured with the chase of temporary gains and monetary successes that we forget to seek true, eternal joy in the Father. Why is that so easy to do?

I used to think that once I graduated college and got married, I would “arrive,” both spiritually and socially. And yet here I am, three months out of college and two and a half months into marriage feeling oddly…basic. No switch was flipped that made me increasingly godly or really any more interesting. Still Amy. Still sinful. Still desperate for the strength to fight for joy.

Upon reflecting on the situation, I remembered that this is nothing new. I have been fooling myself over and over since I decided to follow Jesus with my life three and a half years ago. It was always something. When I’m more spiritually mature, then I’ll be so joyful….When I’m discipling and leading tons of girls to the Lord I’ll have no problem believing truth…. When I figure out what the future will be for Joel and I, it will be so easy to trust in the power of the gospel…
I could go on and on. And on.

I have come to see that joy is a choice.  We cannot wait for it to show up on our doorstep, we must go out to meet the Almighty with a joyful heart, despite the discontent that we feel or the despair we see. We serve a trustworthy God and he will not fail to ignite our hearts with the joy that comes with the knowledge of who he is. These are the things to meditate on rather than the doldrums we encounter in our existence.

One of my favorite passages in the Bible about joy comes from Habakkuk. The whole book of Habakkuk is great and I encourage you to read it, but the last three verses of this book challenge me in the way that I approach joy in my daily life.

 “Though the fig tree does not bud
 and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails 
and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen 
and no cattle in the stalls,
yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will be joyful in God my Savior.
The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
he enables me to go on the heights.”
Habakkuk 3:17-19

This man was lacking all the things that made up his livelihood, yet he chose to rejoice with a joyful heart. Despite Habakkuk’s circumstance, he was finding joy in the Father. I would be willing to bet that this joy Habakkuk speaks of was more than a simple feeling of happiness or wellness. That’s not what joy from God is for us. Joy from the Lord is unending, hope-filling, truth-reminding, complete assurance in the sacrifice of Jesus and our ability to access God the Father through him. This is the truth that should fascinate and delight our hearts.

It does not come easily.
We must fight.

“We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.” -Henri J.M. Nouwen

The Donut Adventures: John’s Donuts

The Donut Adventures continue, with the latest stop at John’s Donuts.

100_2513You’re probably wondering why this picture is so dark, right?

The reason for this is one of the things that makes John’s Donuts so unique. This picture was taken at approximately 11:30pm. Yes, John’s Donuts is OPEN AT 11:30PM! They actually open at 11:00pm and close at 1:00pm, meaning they are open all night and into the morning donut rush.

If you thought donuts in the morning were good, donuts during the night will quickly captivate your heart and your taste buds. There’s just something incredible about eating a donut at a time where most reasonable people are tucked away in their beds. It somehow makes sense for all of us unreasonable donut lovers.


So anyway, Joel and I arrived at John’s Donuts at around 11:30pm on a Sunday night. (One disclaimer, do not go to John’s on Saturday night into Sunday morning–they are closed!). The sweet smell of donut goodness greeted us as we entered, as well as a friendly man behind the counter and the most interesting decor I’ve ever seen in such an establishment. There were many donuts to choose from, so we took our time deciding and ended up with a glazed donut, a chocolate-iced buttermilk. a plain buttermilk, and the apple fritter this shop is known for.

 They looked incredible and we couldn’t wait 100_2518to try them, so we quickly made our way to a table. John’s Donuts is the first shop we’ve been in that has seating inside, so we were happy to hang out for a while to eat our donuts. At 11:30, with only one other person inside, there were plenty of seats to choose from.

I previously mentioned the interesting decor inside of John’s. Interesting may even be an understatement. As Joel and I took our seats and looked around, we found a plethora of items that help to make John’s Donuts the eccentric gem that it is.

Joel decided to do some light reading before enjoying his donut, thanks to the stocked bookshelf near our table.



I personally decided to gaze at this lovely skeleton to our left. His hat is fabulous. Not pictured are the other skeletons in the shop. There is one near the entrance just hanging out in an old chair. He’s pretty nonchalant. The other boney fellow (partly visible in this photo) is in a case with a Superman costume. Honestly, when it’s nearing midnight in a donut shop, these things begin to make sense. I’m not sure why. They just do.


Another great feature in decor at John’s was this stationary bike. Multi-taskers of the world can unite around the beauty of burning calories while consuming delicious calories. It’s perfectly reasonable and quite innovative, in my opinion. Joel enjoyed it, too.

Okay, okay…back to the donuts.
It’s time to get serious and tell you that THESE ARE THE BEST DONUTS I’VE HAD IN MY LIFE.  Honestly. The buttermilk donuts had a perfect crispness to the outside and softness on the inside. I think World’s Fair buttermilks still have a better flavor, but the texture of John’s was incredible.

The glazed donut. Sweet glazed goodness. Again, with the crispness on the the outside and soft, fluffiness on the inside. The glaze on the outside was subtle. I hate when donuts have way too much glaze. It’s just too sweet. Not the case, here. It was perfect.



And now we must mention the apple fritter. This is the fritter of all fritters here, people. You’ve never had one like this before. Joel doesn’t even like apple fritters and he loved it. I think the key is the sweet apple and cinnamon flavor without an overbearing amount of apple chunks. Everyone knows that donuts with huge chunks of fruit are not any good. It’s a pastry, not a fruit salad. Lay off the monstrous proportions of apple chunks in the apple fritter. If I want big chunks of apple, I will eat an apple. Not a donut.  So thank you, John’s Donuts for finally getting it right. The proportion of icing to apple to pastry fluffiness was divine. These fritters were cooked to a perfect medium of well done and crispy mixed with soft and fluffy. Seriously SO good. You have to go get one. Now.

Honestly, this shop has it all.
It’s open all through the night, has really strange stuff inside, and the best donuts I’ve had. The rest of the shops to come in the Donut Adventures have some serious competition. This place is so good that Joel and I actually went there two times last week before I even wrote this post. It’s just that good.

So go…NOW! Or actually, tonight. As someone who goes to bed earlier than most people’s toddlers, I’m telling you it’s worth staying up late for these little treats!

Stay tuned for  more Donut Adventures!

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The Donut Adventures: World’s Fair Donuts

Hey friends. 
Hope y’all had a great 4th celebrating America and all that business. We had a nice holiday, thank you for asking. 

But, the holiday is over and it’s back to business. 
Donut Business. 
Yes, today we will return to The Donut Adventures. 

Today’s feature: World’s Fair Donuts. 


This donut shop is located in the Southwest Garden neighborhood on Vandeventer. It’s small, but is still visible from I-44 East. The shop is owned and operated by a husband and wife. On both visits, the husband was to be found making donuts in the back as his wife served patrons at the counter. Adding to the old-fashioned ambiance is an old-style cash register. Another plus: the donuts are super cheap. We paid a little over $2 for four donuts. Be sure to bring cash, though. I mean, that old register obviously isn’t taking credit cards.

This was actually our second visit to World’s Fair. The first time we went, we failed to document the adventure. We also went at like 10:30 on a Sunday morning so the selection was pretty picked over at that point, giving us an inaccurate reading of the quality. 

This time, we went earlier. I would recommend that option. World’s Fair was pretty delicious at 10:30am, but getting there earlier made for even more delectable results. 


 For our four donuts, we chose a chocolate long-john, a chocolate iced cake donut, original glazed, and old-fashioned  buttermilk. All four were..just..wonderful. The long-john and glazed 100_2431were soft and light, with the perfect amount of icing/glaze. They were sweet, but not too sweet. I value that in a donut.



The chocolate cake donut was pretty good as well. Honestly, cake donuts aren’t always my favorite. It was a good donut, but I don’t know if I would choose it again. 


And then there was the old-fashioned buttermilk donut. 100_2432I’m not sure where to begin with this one. 
I had heard good things about this donut from World’s Fair prior to our visit, and it definitely lived up to these expectations. 
I’m talking about a supremely excellent donut here, people. 

The exterior of the pastry was covered with a perfect amount of delicious glaze. It had a little bit of a crust-like outer layer that led to a moist, soft interior. The flavor was cinnamony, buttermilky goodness. 

Even if the other donuts at World’s Fair tasted like the bottom of my shoe (which they most certainly do not), I would continue to visit this shop just for the buttermilk donut. 



You just can’t beat a donut like that. 



We also sat on this adorable bench in front of a precious storefront around the corner. 

The rest of St. Louis Donut Shops certainly have a lot of impressing to do after my visit to World’s Fair.

Seriously, go there. 

You won’t regret it.

Keep following The Donut Adventures as we seek to find the best donut in St. Louis! 


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The Donut Adventures: Eddie’s Southtown Donuts

Those of you who know me know that there are a few things in my life I love incredibly much.

1. Jesus
2. My husband
3. My family and friends
4. Donuts

Ohhh yes, donuts are a great love of mine.
They have been for a very long time. One of my favorite “hobbies” in high school was going to Wal-Mart after school with my friend Maranda and enjoying a delicious lemon bismark (This was back in the days when Wal-Mart had a self-serving station where you could get donuts and fountain drinks and just put your money in a box. That actually didn’t last long because it turns out that people take advantage of that type of thing and don’t pay for the treats. I can assure you, however, that Maranda and I always paid for our donut-goodness).

One of my favorite things about my husband is how deeply he shares my love for delicious pastries. You might think that’s a ridiculous favorite thing about my husband, but it really is perfectly reasonable. I can’t imagine spending my life with someone who didn’t share my affinity for donuts! That would be..well, a tragedy. Obviously.

Anyway, so now that Joel and I are married and live in the city together, we have finally been able to embark on adventures we’ve been planning for quite a while.
What are those adventures, you ask? Why, The Donut Adventures, of course!
Our mission is to make our way around the donut circuit and find the best donuts in St. Louis. We have a growing list of various donut shops around the city and plan to document each trip and the donuts we enjoy there.

First stop, Eddie’s Southtown Donuts.

l Eddie’s is located on Kingshighway, just south of Chippewa. It is known as “The home of the large donut.” Apparently, they’ll make you a gigantic donut for special occasions. In the shop, there is a bulletin board that shows different large donuts they’ve made. They say to ask for Eddie, but unfortunately Eddie was not in when we went to visit. We didn’t make it over to Eddie’s until around 10am and we were pleasantly surprised at the variety of donuts still available that late in the morning.

We decided to choose six different donuts. We got a glazed, marbled frosting, twist, custard filled, cake donut stick,


and a chocolate mousse filled donut. The man working was very pleasant and was patient even when we took a while to

decide on our donuts.

I was so excited about them and couldn’t wait to try them. We decided to wait and start eating them when we got home so that we didn’t get sticky donutness all over the car.

Unfortunately, my husband decided that we should run a couple of errands while we were out. My stomach was growling with anticipation and the donut aroma in the car was essentially mocking me.

Luckily, I pulled through and was able to make it home without encountering any serious health issues related to delayed donut-eating.
As soon as we got home, Joel and I opened up the box and began to enjoy the goodness we purchased.

100_2383This is the chocolate mousse one I was talking about. Don’t let it’s fecal appearance                fool you or turn you away. I promise it was delicious.

They were just so good.

And yes, the two of us ate all six donuts in one sitting. That’s only three donuts a piece… don’t judge.
We exercise…sometimes. So I think it’s okay.
And we had to eat all of them. For research purposes.

Overall, we really enjoyed the whole experience at Eddie’s. The donuts were delicious even after 10am, the service was excellent, and the price was great, too. We purchased six donuts and a large coffee all for around $5!

I would definitely recommend Eddie’s Southtown Donuts.

View our Yelp review here.


Stay tuned and be on the look-out for more donut adventures with The Grass’!

Happy Donut-ing!

Music Monday- The Crane Wives

Oh yes.

Music  Monday is BACK.
Don’t act like you’re not excited.
We’re all friends here, it’s okay to show a little enthusiasm. There will be no jeering or mocking whatsoever. I promise.
So get excited.

It’s been a while since you’ve been graced with my impeccable musical taste. This, obviously, is bad news as well as good news. Bad news is that you’ve gone months without experiencing the joy of Music Monday. Good news is that we’ve got lots of time to make up for and plenty of music waiting to be introduced to you– yes, YOU. The music is nearly as excited to meet you as you are to meet it.
Sorry if that last sentence ended up be creepy. After I typed it, I thought it might come across that way.
These things happen, you know.

Let’s move on.
There are introductions to be made, after all.

This week’s selection comes from a recent discovery of mine.

The Crane Wives are a band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They’ve become fairly well-known around the place of the their roots, and are touring this year in Michigan and surrounding states. I’m not entirely sure how I came upon them, but I immediately liked them and found myself listening to song after song on YouTube, excitedly loving this band more and more.

The video I’ve chosen today features the song “New Colors” off their first album, “Safe Ship, Harbored.”  I liked the song immediately and also gained a new appreciate for The Crane Wives when they rounded out this live performance with a rendition of one of my favorite up-beat songs by the Avett Brothers: “Kick-Drum Heart.”

Overall, I think it will be an enjoyable five minutes and twenty-eight seconds of your time.
I hope you agree.

Find out more about The Crane Wives here.


I think I might be one of THOSE wives

Yes. I think it happened.
I became one of THOSE wives.
You know, the ones you read about…

Wait- where did you think I was going with that?

Maybe I should clarify.
I’m not one of those wives who goes super crazy and shaves her head or her husband’s head in the middle of the night and throws everything out the window and into the street. No, no…I’m not like that.

When I said “one of THOSE wives,” I was referring to my apparent obsession with “DIY-ing” things for our home. I have a blog. I like Pinterest.
Ohhh man…it happened.
I’ve only been married for 11 days and I’ve become one of those crafty, DIY-ing, bargain hunting, excessively painting every piece of furniture in the house wives.

This is a realization that occurred to me two days ago. You see, I was at home, organizing the insane amount of wedding gifts we received and it hit me. I wanted to be crafty. After rummaging around the apartment and trying to find inspiration, I found the samples of paint I had previously purchased for $1.00 each on the bottom shelf of the hall closet.

I only intended to paint a little of the end table, to see if I liked it and if Joel liked it.
Well, before I knew it, late afternoon was upon me and my husband walked up the stairs into our apartment to find me sitting on the living room floor, with a nearly-blue table in front of me.

It all happened so fast.
My only defense was “Don’t be mad. I got bored.”

Luckily, my husband is extremely gracious toward my odd tendencies and merely smiled as I completed the table and began painting End Table Number Two.
I’m actually very satisfied with the finished product and am thrilled to no longer have those ugly brown tables in our living room. I originally bought the tables for $5.00 a piece. That $1.00 paint did them very well and they are now a nice addition of color to our (in progress) living room.

Photo03010904_1--  Photo06031634---

I was quite pleased with the end result.

Even if it does mean I’m one of THOSE wives.
Stay tuned for more DIY maddness.
I’m quite sure there will be more.

The Grass Seems to be Greener

Amy Unnerstall is no more.
No longer in existence.

Okay, before you become too startled, maybe I should explain.
No one has murdered Amy Unnerstall and tossed her in a river or anything. That would be unfortunate.

This occurrence is certainly the opposite of unfortunate.
It is very fortunate, in fact.

It turns out that Amy Unnerstall got married to that neat boy she told you about.

So when I said “Amy Unnerstall is no more,” I was really just trying to be dramatic in telling you that my name is now Amy Grass. And that is pretty neat.

Joel and I got married last Saturday, on a perfect day. All of our very best friends and family were there and we celebrated a beautiful day with beautiful people.

Everyday we wake up in complete thankfulness and excitement. It keeps occurring to me that I’m a wife. I like that!

After nine days of marriage, I guess you could say that Joel and I are basically experts on marriage. We actually started writing a marriage how-to book.

Be on the look-out for “Read this Book to Learn Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Marriage Written  by Two Complete Experts on Marriage” in a bookstore near you!

Okay, that was a joke. In case you thought I was being serious.
It turns out that we have a lot to learn and we don’t really know anything and I think we’ll probably feel like that for the rest of our lives.
But that’s okay.
We’re trusting in the grace of the Father to give us wisdom and guidance throughout our marriage.

So far though, I think it’s safe to say that the Grass seems to be greener over here.

Stay tuned for the the life and times of Amy GRASS.

Underground New York Public Library

Hey friends.

I made an incredible discovery yesterday.
You see, since I’m still on break, I seem to have accidentally devoted a lot of my time to Pinterest. You might not believe me, but it really was an accident. I don’t know how many of you are fellow pinners, but it’s like you get sucked into an alternate world where you actually believe you’ll cook all of those dishes, wear all of those outfits, have that really incredible yet affordable wedding, and complete that endless list of crafts. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Yesterday evening was no different. As I sat in my living room with my parents watching prime-time television, I stepped into the alternate universe known as Pinterest.
I was not disappointed.
One of my favorite categories on Pinterest is “Film, Music, & Books.” I like to browse for new books, read quotes about and from books, and peruse the offerings of television, music, and movies.
As I scrolled through book covers, stills from TV shows, and links to YouTube music videos, I discovered a link to a blog. The link intrigued me, as I love reading blogs. This one seemed to be about books, so it automatically earned more points in the blog rating scale I store in my noggin. The pin indicated that the blog was titled “Underground New York Public Library.” I mean seriously, how could I not be sold with a title like that?

After clicking to the blog, I quickly found myself engrossed in the content. As I explain, you may think it sounds simple, mundane, or you might even choose to use a word as drastic as boring. You must trust me, though. It’s awesome. This blog is comprised totally and completely of photos a professional photographer daily posts of people reading books on the New York subways (subway as in the underground train, not the sandwich place that helped Jared lose all that weight). Each post also includes the title of the book that individual is reading.

It’s fascinating. As I scrolled endlessly last night and have continued to do so today, I found that I seemed to be gaining a glimpse into each person. Of course those people have lives that go far beyond a book in a subway station, but I still feel like I got to know them a little. Each person is different and I think our taste in books (or even a distaste for all books) says a little bit about who we are. So whether it was the young boy reading The Adventures of Tintin or the adult man reading a Harry Potter book, I learned just a snippet of who those individuals are.

I also love this blog because it reminds me of the simplicity and joy a book can bring. These images capture people who have escaped their crowded and busy surroundings for a few moments as they enter the world waiting just under their noses. I love that. I love books.
There’s also a weekly e-reader posted. Which is fine, I suppose.
I still think e-readers take so much of the fun away from reading. After all, when this blogger snaps pictures of e-readers, she cannot see what they are reading. Isn’t it always fun to look up to notice a person reading one of your favorite books? I was overjoyed when I finally came across a photo of  a man reading The Great Gatsby on the subway. If he had been reading it on an e-reader, that moment of joy would have never been given to me. I’m just saying. I know they’re popular. I just think real books are better.
(I hope I haven’t offended you)

Anyhow, without further ado, here’s the link to Ourit Ben-Haim’s blog “Underground New York Public Library”