The Donut Adventures: Eddie’s Southtown Donuts

Those of you who know me know that there are a few things in my life I love incredibly much.

1. Jesus
2. My husband
3. My family and friends
4. Donuts

Ohhh yes, donuts are a great love of mine.
They have been for a very long time. One of my favorite “hobbies” in high school was going to Wal-Mart after school with my friend Maranda and enjoying a delicious lemon bismark (This was back in the days when Wal-Mart had a self-serving station where you could get donuts and fountain drinks and just put your money in a box. That actually didn’t last long because it turns out that people take advantage of that type of thing and don’t pay for the treats. I can assure you, however, that Maranda and I always paid for our donut-goodness).

One of my favorite things about my husband is how deeply he shares my love for delicious pastries. You might think that’s a ridiculous favorite thing about my husband, but it really is perfectly reasonable. I can’t imagine spending my life with someone who didn’t share my affinity for donuts! That would be..well, a tragedy. Obviously.

Anyway, so now that Joel and I are married and live in the city together, we have finally been able to embark on adventures we’ve been planning for quite a while.
What are those adventures, you ask? Why, The Donut Adventures, of course!
Our mission is to make our way around the donut circuit and find the best donuts in St. Louis. We have a growing list of various donut shops around the city and plan to document each trip and the donuts we enjoy there.

First stop, Eddie’s Southtown Donuts.

l Eddie’s is located on Kingshighway, just south of Chippewa. It is known as “The home of the large donut.” Apparently, they’ll make you a gigantic donut for special occasions. In the shop, there is a bulletin board that shows different large donuts they’ve made. They say to ask for Eddie, but unfortunately Eddie was not in when we went to visit. We didn’t make it over to Eddie’s until around 10am and we were pleasantly surprised at the variety of donuts still available that late in the morning.

We decided to choose six different donuts. We got a glazed, marbled frosting, twist, custard filled, cake donut stick,


and a chocolate mousse filled donut. The man working was very pleasant and was patient even when we took a while to

decide on our donuts.

I was so excited about them and couldn’t wait to try them. We decided to wait and start eating them when we got home so that we didn’t get sticky donutness all over the car.

Unfortunately, my husband decided that we should run a couple of errands while we were out. My stomach was growling with anticipation and the donut aroma in the car was essentially mocking me.

Luckily, I pulled through and was able to make it home without encountering any serious health issues related to delayed donut-eating.
As soon as we got home, Joel and I opened up the box and began to enjoy the goodness we purchased.

100_2383This is the chocolate mousse one I was talking about. Don’t let it’s fecal appearance                fool you or turn you away. I promise it was delicious.

They were just so good.

And yes, the two of us ate all six donuts in one sitting. That’s only three donuts a piece… don’t judge.
We exercise…sometimes. So I think it’s okay.
And we had to eat all of them. For research purposes.

Overall, we really enjoyed the whole experience at Eddie’s. The donuts were delicious even after 10am, the service was excellent, and the price was great, too. We purchased six donuts and a large coffee all for around $5!

I would definitely recommend Eddie’s Southtown Donuts.

View our Yelp review here.


Stay tuned and be on the look-out for more donut adventures with The Grass’!

Happy Donut-ing!


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